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Please find below a list of our 2019/20 formal, full governing board meetings:

- Tuesday 10th September 2019

- Wednesday 9th October 2019

- Wednesday 27th November 2019

- Wednesday 22nd January 2020

- Wednesday 18th March 2020

- Wednesday 6th May 2020

- Wednesday 24th June 2020


The find out more about who the Governors are, please go to the Governors Gallery and List of Governors pages.

To understand more about what we do, please go to the Governor Information page.

Following on from our Ofsted visit, our Governors have these kind words they would like to share with you all.

"The Governors of St Mark’s are all extremely proud of our school and our place at the heart of the local community. We strive to ensure that all our pupils and families receive an holistic school experience and each of our students achieves their potential, giving them ‘Wings to Fly’ by the time they leave us in year six.

Following our recent inspections by Ofsted (July 2018) and our SIAMS inspection by the Church of England (Sep 19), we would like to thank the children, parents, staff and senior leadership team for their enthusiasm and work ethic. The Ofsted outcome recognises the good and outstanding elements throughout the school, including the strong leadership and teaching. The SIAMS inspection rated our school as 'excellent' , we are incredibly proud of our achievements and continue to be passionate about providing the best experience for all our children, parents and staff, each and every day." 

(SIAMS - Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) 

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