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The British Wildlife Centre

We had a wonderful sunny day at the British wildlife Centre. It put our learning into real-life context as we have been exploring Animals and their Habitats as our topic this term. We found out some great facts and had some up close encounters with Red Squirrels and Otters! Thank you to the BWC for hosting us for the day, we loved it!    

Teach Rex Dinosaur Day

We had an amazing day of meeting 'Jam' the T-Rex and learning about the history of dinosaurs and fossils. 

We met some baby dinosaurs too!

We even got to star in our own movies as we learnt about a green-screen and how to develop our own special effects!  

We took a tour of the Church

We are  learning the features of a church and how Christian people may use this religious building as well as how it is important in their lives. 

We found out about the font, alter, aisle, lectern, pulpit, bell rope and stations of the cross.

The children thought about special events that may happen there such as weddings and christenings as well as learning about the Christian religion from the holy book the bible.  

We had a wonderful term of History!

We learnt all about the Victorian times! We know about Queen Victoria, the life and times of children poor and rich, toys from the era, jobs and schools. The children agreed they would not want to live in the Victorian times!

We looked at traditional Victorian Chritmases, games, traditions, carols and food. We learnt about the origins of Christmas crackers, wreaths, cards and the Christmas tree! We compared it to life and experiences we have now.

We made clove oranges, toy spinners, we had a go at sewing and making our own chalk boards.

We studied the texts 'A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens' as well as 'The Night Before Christmas' by Clement C Moore. We loved our Victorian dress up day, and learnt about school rules, jobs and routines from the Victorian era.   

We had a fun, emersive and experiential topic, the children have been amazing and found their learning fun and inspiring. 

SMILE Meadow

We have enjoyed our trips to SMILE Meadow and Wilderness Wood for Forest school activities. 

SMILE Meadow



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