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Meet The Teacher!

In- school workshop to meet the teacher and hear about

learning in years one and two!





Welcome to Term 1! A new start and a new class for many of our Caterpillar children. We will be taking our time to become familiar with new routines and class friends. We will be combining more formal learning with exploration, play and games as we take our first steps onto the national curriculum. The children will learn to support and encourage themselves and each other as they embark on their first topic 'Happy Harvest'. We will be exploring healthy eating, where food comes from and our 5 senses.

We will be reading and undertaking activities  from fun food-related books, as we explore new writing and reading skills this term.  


See our Learning Journey overview for more information of our leanring this term...

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About Caterpillar Class

Teacher: Mrs Bradbury

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Edney

PE: Taught by our coach Andy


Our Day: Starts between 8.45am and 9.00 am.

Lunch: You can bring a healthy packed lunch with you or order a lunch at school. Please be in school by 9.00am so your child can order their lunch in class.  

Physical Education (PE): Please bring a PE kit with you on your first day, making sure it is always in school in readiness for a Tuesday and Friday. We may use PE kits at other times during the week too. ALL items must be named. Help keep hold of your kit by teaching your child to change and arrange clothes neatly in one place. 

You will need: A named water bottle and waterproof coat every day. Please dress appropriately for the weather so we can all go out to play every day! 

You may bring in a small pocket toy. However, this is the sole responsibility of the child and they should be aware that if they choose to bring it to school, it could get lost or broken. In my experience toys are better left at home to avoid unnessesary upset. Teachers will not be responsible for children's home toys.   

MyMaths and SpellingFrame homework will be set every 2 weeks, this supports learning by providing further exposure and embedding skills with contiued practice. Log-ins to be found inside your child's yellow reading diary.

Please read every day at home, little and often is the key. At a minmum, 3 days a week. This is a homework expectation for years one and two, as this is such an important developmental time. Bring in your yellow diary and return reading books when your child is ready for a new book, write in the diary each time you read and put 'FINISHED' to help us know you need a chagne. 

Everyone will need to bring in their book and diary on Friday, this helps us to celebrate reading efforts at home. Thank you. 

We have a lot of fun in Caterpillar Class and look forward to warmly welcoming your children into their new class community!


We believe practice is the key!

Find out more about practice and our ethos as a growth-mindset classroom below.

We are a Growth Mindset Classroom.

Growth mindset may be your child's key to success within school and life. Follow this link to watch a TED talk form Professor Dweck on what having a Growth mindset can mean for our children and ourselves as primary carers and role models.  

Oh yes... we even have a song!

We are Positive about Mental Health...

If you are concerned about your child's mental health come and speak to us. It is important our young people know how to have awareness of their own needs physically and mentally with the vocabulary to express themselves. This life-long skill will help them to navigate their childhood and beyond. Like all of us children, at times, may need some help and we are lucky enough to have 'Talk Space' at St Marks for this reason. Please talk to your class teacher, Mrs Stow or Judith directly if you would like to enquire as to spaces with her at Talk Space. 


Please don't hesitate to contact us for support and advice


Remember to keep up your and your child's 12 Rocks of well-being

daily to help promote the serotonin we all need to

reduce stress and live an enjoyable and fulfilling life...


Enjoy this guided medetation to help your child relax, breath deeply and calm their body. There is a great deal of science that suggests many brain boosting benefits to a few minutes of daily calm, focused and quiet time. 




Are you new to Caterpillar Class?

Please see below for transition to Year One information and activities...

Please see below for transition to Year Two information and activities...

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