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  • Who are Caterpillar class?

    Caterpillars are our amazing Year 1 and 2 class who are enjoying our new classroom using our outside decking area and our reading mezzanine floor.

  • Who are our teachers?

    Mr Luckhurst is our teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Mrs Cook taking us on Friday mornings. On Thursdays we have Mrs Samson. Every morning, we have Mrs Pattenden-Hunt as our assistant who helps us a lot!


  • What does a school day look like in Caterpillars?

    We are extremely busy from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave!
    We come in at 8:40, register, get our books out and start with quiet reading. We then have a morning filled with phonics, maths and English with an assembly every day too. In the afternoon, we have our foundation subjects including art, music, DT, computing, topic, PE (on a Friday and we can come into school in our PE kit!), RE and PSHE too. We end the day with some learning through play time and then our teacher reads us a story which we have voted for.

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