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Welcome to Cocoon Class

Teacher: Mrs Pridmore  TA: Mrs Lynch

PE: Thursday afternoon with 1st Class @ Sport and Swimming Friday afternoons 

Please see the Home Learning page for information on how to support your child at home. 



Shop and Wrap Thursday 30th November
Merit Assembly in Church Friday 1st December
Travelling Book shop in the school hall Friday 1st December - Friday 8th December 2:45-3:54pm 
Chartwell Christmas lunch - Christmas hat making Wednesday 6th December
Extra PE session for Cocoons Tuesday 12th December - pm
Class Christmas parties Wednesday 13th December
Stone Age Field Trip - Asdown Forest Wednesday 10th January
Jenny McLachland - author visit (Land of Roar author) Tuesday 4th March
World Book Day Thursday 7th March
Ed Boxall - author visit (We The Wild Ones author) Friday 8th March


To support the children with their understanding of the Trinity, in particular, The Holy Spirit, Father Pete kindly talked to Cocoons today in our beautiful church. He spoke using everyday examples that the children could relate to and answered their 'burning' questions so brilliantly. Thank you Father Pete.


As part of their learning on Families and Relationships, the children discussed effective communication in the form of verbal language and sign language as well as body language. They practised acting out good listening and poor listening to demonstrate the effects on the listener and the speaker. In addition to this, they learnt how to use "I" statements to be assertive and keep them in the green zone rather than giving in and feeling low in the blue zone or deregulating and moving into the yellow and red zones. 


To begin their learning about conservation, Cocoons made a food web to illustrate the biodiversity of an ecosystem and how living things are interconnected and dependent on one another. 


Today, the children made a Padlet of facts and information about the extraordinary achievements of Mary Anning after learning about biographies. They loved adding to this interactive biography and even stayed in when it was playtime to keep adding to it! Well done, Cocoons! See their Padlet here.


Today, the children had a unique experience to wrap up their geography and science topics about rocks and volcanos. We were lucky enough to have a true expert in to visit, geophysisist, Andy Billings. Andy was able to share his experience of studying rocks throughout his career and taught the children a great deal. We started off by mapping rocks in our environment and Andy was able to classify, identify and date many of these for us. He led the children in a permeability experiment to see which rocks allowed water to travel through them most quickly and how porous they were by testing the amount of water absorbed by each type of rock. Finally, he shared exciting information about the rocks in our local area and the dinosaurs that walked here. What an afternoon! Thank you so much to Andy for sharing his time and expertise. 

Community Tea

Wow, what a fantastic day! Thank you to all our visitors that popped into Cocoon Class today to find out about the children's learning and interact with the activities they had prepared based on the term's lessons. They enjoyed sharing what they had learnt and their enthusiasm and engagement in the topics really shone through in their confidence. Well done everyone, and thank you for your kind and complimentary feedback.

Please take a look at our class blog by Maisie and Fern. They did a great job reporting on all the fun!


Finally, I wasn't the only fossil in the class! Today, the children learnt about how fossils are formed and drew their own story map of the sequence. After that, they learnt about the different types of fossils palaeontologists dig up to learn about the history of animals and plants. Using clay (rock), dinosaurs, sand and glue (minerals), the children then made their own versions of a trace, mould, cast and true form fossil. 


It was wonderful to watch the children be free with their artwork today. They experimented with charcoal using chiaroscuro, showing light and dark tonal areas, with a variety of mark making tools. We moved into the hall to do some larger scale pieces based on the shells they had brought in. Fab work, Cocoons! 


Today the children learnt how to verify information on a website by checking others, finding reputable websites and search effectively. They created their own webpage using Purple Mash, making sure that facts they added were verified to ensure they were correct. 


After lessons on understanding characters through what they 'say' and 'do', the children had a good comprehension of Chulak and Lila. They have also been learning about parallel stories and today collaborated as a class to build and plan ideas for writing their own part of a parallel story. 


Working scientifically, the children explored the properties of different rocks. They investigated the density, permeability and durability of each rock through a variety of experiments. 

Science Rocks!

The children used sweets to recreate the rock cycle! They cut up sediments, compacted them into sedimentary rocks, added heat and pressure to form metamorphic rocks and finally, we upped the heat to create igneous rocks. They also spent some time exploring the 3 types of rocks. 

First Day Back - Messy Geography!

Today, Cocoons learnt about how the Earth is constructed and built their own playdoh models!

Extreme Earth - Terms 1 & 2 

Welcome to Term 1 of our new school year!

For the next two terms we will be exploring Earth at its extremes: the volatile effects of fiery hot volcanoes and the vast jigsaw of polar ice that is the continent of Antarctica. Complemented by the science topic of rocks and alongside compelling and inspiring texts in English lessons that are linked to the journey, children will build their geographical knowledge and understanding of the planet we call home.

   Welcome to our Extreme Earth, Cocoons!

Term 1 -2 Extreme Earth LJ to parents - updated oc 23
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