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Welcome to Cocoons' Class

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 Diary Dates


Monday 21th October and Thursday 24th October Parent Consultations 
Tuesday 22nd October  Visitor from Kit Wilson Trust  - our class charity
Friday 25th October Inset Day
Friday 15th November Forest School
Monday 25th November PE day

Community Tea

I am so proud of all of the children after yeserday's Community Tea. They were full of energy, passion and enthusiasm about their learning and they communicated this with such confidence to all our visitors. Thank you so much to all those who came to support the children, and to those were unable to come but support them in many other ways on a daily basis. Your support was evident yesterday! Here are some photos from the afternoon:


This week in science, the children have set up an experiment (or should that be eggsperiment!?) to test the effects of different liquids on the enamel of teeth. No, we didn't pull out any teeth! We have used eggs instead because egg shell is made up from calcium compounds, similar to the enamel on our teeth! We thought about how to keep it a fair test, making sure we had controlled variables like time, temperature and amount of liquid. 


Try out these songs we have been singing to help us learn key phrases and numbers.

Screen Printing - Tuesday 1st October

The Cocoons have been very busy (and slightly messy!) learning how to screen print their paper cutting designs. We are going to try to add a second colour next week! 

We have been learning how to hold a rugby ball correctly and pass a rugby ball backwards whilst travelling forwards. 


Year 3 have been practising their place value skills by playing some reverse Jenga! They had to take turns to add Dienes in ones, tens or hundreds to try to calculate to 1000 without knocking it down. They recalculated the amount made each turn. 


We are learning about whether animals are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Click the link below to investigate some animals and read about their diet to find out which category they are. How might this affect their teeth? What sort of teeth might they have?




In science, Cocoons' children have been learning about teeth. They have learnt the names of the different types of teeth and their functions. They had a go at ordering the teeth in some playdough gums!

 The children studied the paper cuttings of the fairy tale author, Hans Christian Andersen and noted their features, both in terms of style and technique, and their links to fairy tales. They then compared these to the paper cuttings of Henri Matisse.

Welcome back Cocoons!

Please find our new learning journey for Terms 1 and 2 below. 

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