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Children in school for their agreed timetables: Thursday 2nd September onwards 

Mondays: Return Ask Abouts

Thursday: You will be informed when we start to have P.E lessons. 

Fridays: Recieve new Ask Abouts in book bags 


Contact: egglets@st-marks.e-sussex.sch.uk
Copy of Copy of Lighter District (6)

Please enjoy some 'Storytime with Miss Harmer videos' and 'Where is the missing numberblock?' 


  • We start school at 9.00am and children can come into school from 8.50am 

  • Your child will be experiencing a transition period where they become more confident and comfortable in their environment and develop their friendships and adult interactions. 
  • After the transition period we will soon be giving your child a reading book and introducing formal P.E lessons. 
  • You will be asked to joing both Tapestry and Marvellous within Term 1. Tapestry is Egglet class' key connection between classroom and home. Marvellous me in Egglet class is used for mostly reminders and general messages. 

Term 3


We will learn about all things 'Moving and Shaking'

We will look at transport from the past and present, take part in weekly STEAM challenges and develop our gross-motor skills through moving and shaking challenges. 




Egglet Class Values 

We have Kind Hands, Heart, and Feet
We look after our school and everyone in it
We challenge ourselves and try
We take care of our classroom
We listen and learn from each other 

Medium Term Plans

The EYFS Profile which is updated regularly and shows the expected standard and progression of the EYFS. 

Early Years practitioners, have a responsibility to adapt approaches and themes to accommodate the Egglet's current interests and needs. We also try to include seasonal experiences, festivals, local and global celebration e.g. Diwali, Easter, Autumn, Spring, Chinese New Year, Winnie the Pooh day  and these may change slightly depending on the cohort and the year itself.  Please see the Development Matters document to see the skills that are assessed and developed in Early Years from birth until 5.  

Long Term Planning for Environment

Planning Format for EYFS

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