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Well-Being at St Marks


We are positive about mental health...

Neuro Ninjas!

We are working with Andrew Wright who specialises in supporting schools, children and families in understanding the neuroscience behind our behaviour. Working to help empower our children to understand why they may be feeling strong emotions such as anxiety or worry and what is happening in their brain at these times. Understanding how our brain works can be helpful in regulating emotions and building compassion for ourselves.  

Neuroscience is the key...

Please see the video link to Andrew's introduction to becoming a Neuro Ninja below.

You can download and watch Andrews videos around neuroscicence, feelings, learning and well-being. These are useful for children and adults alike. The seminars are designed to help you and your child build a better understanding of how your brain is working and how you can support it to work positively for you!  

Becoming a Neuro Ninja!

Andrew Wright - 'Action Your Potential'

The first step in having a better understanding of your brain.     

Click on the link...




We Rock at St Marks... 

Be Kind to your Mind by doing your 12 rocks every day!

Neuro Ninjas! Skill 2 - Emotions

Neuroscience explained!

Download this document for all of the video links you will need to support you and your child with their positive mental health and neuroscience discovery journey...

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