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Mathematics is for everyone...

As adults we usually have a positive or nagative feeling toward maths based on our experiences of school. With a black and white outlook of either we could or couldn't. We now understand that with enough focused practice brain-plasticty allows anyone to forge new neural pathways and grow in acomplishment. Let your words help your child to know they can succeed if they practice and that 'having a go' is the real key to success not getting the right answer. If a child percieves a wrong answer as personal failure they are likely to aviod maths and their skills and confidence diminish. Give them the gift of self worth every time they try and you will help them more than you know.  

Make your screen time... COUNT!

Have fun practing your number skills with online learning at home! Click on the image below to take you to MyMaths where you can log in using your login info found stuck to the inside of your yellow reading diary. You can practice your maths skills in a fun and interactive way while completing your set homework.  

A Helping Hand for Children at Home.

The following links are a selection of games to help support your child in their key maths skills. It is important to embed the foundations of maths to allow your child to move forward and make progress. This takes lots of practice little and often, which is why working at home alongside school is important.

Make your screen time... maths time!


As well as the links below there are many free apps on the app store or paid subscriptions such as Carol Vordoman's The Maths Factor


Online Maths Support and Fun... 

Twinkl Go Games for Year 1 Log in Code: IW4726 

Twinkl Go Games for Year 2  - Log in Code: IR4629 

 ...Just look for the play symbol for a huge selection of Twinkle Go games!



KS1 BBC bitesize games 

Oxford Owl games for all ages and stages 

Crickweb KS1 games 

Topmarks games 

Addition and subtraction mathsframe games 

ICT games for KS1 

Maths Playground for KS1

Our favorite Maths songs...

Get active and dance along while learning!

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