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As adults we usually have a positive or negative feeling toward maths based on our experiences of school. With a black and white outlook of either we could or couldn't.  Let your words help your child to know they can succeed if they practice and that 'having a go' is the real key to success not getting the right answer. If a child percieves a wrong answer as personal failure they are likely to aviod maths and their skills and confidence diminish. Give them the gift of self worth every time they try and you will help them more than you know.  

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  • Counting different amounts of money
  • Practising how to measure length and height using measuring tape and rulers. 
  • Using measurement scales
  • Ordering a set of objects by size
  • Comparing the size of objects using the mathematical language of greater than, smaller than, longer than, shorter than, etc
  • Using watches and clocks and discussing time intervals
  • Discussing temperature and using thermometers
  • Discussing the shapes of everyday objects – both 2D shapes and 3D shapes
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  • maths games that can be played at any time of day – over breakfast, on the walk to school or to the park, driving to football etc.

  • maths games that need no setting up time or resources (as well as a few that need a bit of preparation using items you’ll have at home.)

  • simple, short maths games to play when you have a quick few minutes

  • longer maths games which everyone in the family can enjoy together

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