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Fractions links

Year 3

Number line 1  Can you find where 3/5 is? Can you find where 14/5 is?  Talk to a partner and check your answer.

Number line 2  If the number line were divided into 8ths can you label 1? Can you label 4/8. What would this be equivalent to? What else can you label? How do you know. Talk to a partner about it. 

Year 4

Online dice

Decimal number line support

Number line 1  Can you find where 11/9 is? How did you know? Check with a partner and discuss.  Can you write 11/9 as an improper fraction? Can you find 21/9 ?

Number line 2 - Can you write your own increments to show where 4/6 is? Can you write an equivalent fraction for 4/6?

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