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Music at St Mark's

Egglets - Reception

In Egglets class, the children are exposed to music and sound daily. Through continuous provision and exploration, they have opportunities to listen to and and join in with songs and rhymes, using body percussion to find and explore the pulse. Access to tuned and untuned instruments allows the children to experiment and create their own music.

Caterpillars - Years 1/2

In Caterpillars, the children explore Pulse, Pitch and Pattern. Through body percussion and movement excerices they explore finding, copying and creating ryhthms. So far this year, Caterpillars have learnt about Hip Hop, listening to artists such as The Sugarhill Gang and exploring the instruments and beats typical of the genre. They have also learnt about orchestral instruments and created their own version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, substituting the body parts for the instruments they had discovered.

Cocoons - Years 3/4

Cocoons class have learned about the Country Music genre. They found out about the rhythms and sounds commonly associated with country music, as well as listening to tracks by artists such as Dolly Parton. 

This term, Cocoons will be learning to play the recorder. Learning about musical notation and vocabulary using the Blown Away Recorder Book 1.

Red Admirals - Years 5/6

Red Admirals class started this year with a bang! The learned about Rock music, from it's origins in Rock and Roll to present day. They learned the Bon Jovi song Livin' on a Prayer and created their own melodies over the original using the music explorer app. They also researched women in rock music and created PowerPoint presentations about their chosen artists.

They also looked at Classical music from the classical period (1730-1820). They used the Line Rider program to create their own visual interpretation of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

This term Red Admirals are learning about Synth Pop. Starting in the 1980's and coming right up to date, they have listened to works from Kraftwerk, Erasure, Visage and Ultravox, to name a few! The children have used Quickbeats, Loopseque and Chrome Music Lab to explore making their own synth beats.

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