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Healthy Eating






A healthy, balanced diet provides essential vitamins, minerals and other nutritional goodness that children need for healthy growth and development. Vitamins and minerals are vital for our bodies to function properly and each
one plays a specific role in the body. We know that it can be difficult to ensure children get their 5 a day due to children's tastes being different and busy lives but hopefully we can help by providing some different recipes that children have said they enjoy and recipes that children can become involved in making.  Some of these recipes can be added to lunch boxes as a healthy snack. 

Cookery Club

Wednesdays after school we have started a cookery club and we would like to share with you some pictures and recipes of what we have been making which are all from the Phunky Foods website. Children are encouraged to have a taste of everything we make - you never know if you like it or not unless you try it!

Week 1 - The children made Nut Free Energy Balls and Sweet Potato Latkes.  All the children enjoyed the sweet potato latkes but only half of the children liked the energy balls.  We all thought we would add more honey to them next time so they were a little sweeter.  The energy balls would make a good lunch box snack.

Week 2 - We had a pepper challenge, the children had to close their eyes and try some pepper deciding if it was red, yellow or green.  This was much trickier than they thought! We then made Dare Devil Dip which was a winner, all the children liked this and they tried it with cucumber and pepper.  Finally we made 2 different types of smoothie banana and strawberry with either almond milk or orange juice - the children decided they liked banana, strawberry and orange juice smoothie the best.  Smoothies are a great way of giving your children fruit and even vegetables and they all love using the blender!

Week 3 - Lyn's Easiest Pizza Ever, we tried this because it was supposed to be easy and we thought the combination of flour and Greek yoghurt for the base was unusual but this didn't turn out very well.  The children all decided a couple of eggs would have been good to add to the base to make it stick better.  Cooking is about experimenting, this didn't work out but we know what we need to add to make it work next time.

Week 4 - Crab Cakes and Guacamole

Lunch Boxes

Suggested alternatives for:

  • sweets and chocolate = dried fruit, a small bunch of grapes or fruit salad.
  • cakes and pastries = fruit bread or malt loaf.
  • salted savoury snacks = rice cakes or breadsticks.

Packed lunches must not contain nuts or fizzy drinks

Useful Websites:

http://www.phunkyfoods.co.uk/  -  lots of great recipes and nutritional information
https://loveschoolmeals.co.uk/ - Chartwells school dinner website
http://www.nhs.uk/Change4Life/Pages/healthy-eating.aspx - lots of healthy eating advice.

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