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At St Mark’s, children will become purposeful readers and writers inspired by an engaging and creative English curriculum; a springboard for dialogue, enterprise and influence.

St Mark’s Phonics


At St Mark’s, we believe that reading is at the heart of learning. Children build a  strong    foundation in reading through a careful and thoughtful balance of our structured reading scheme and the offer of engaging, creative and purposeful experiences through rich texts, film and drama. A wide ranging and diverse selection of high quality texts underpin our curriculum in which children are encouraged to discuss, question and play with language as well as make links. We strive to ignite our passion for reading in every child.

Our aims in reading:

  • To ignite a passion for textual exploration.
  • To offer access to a wide variety of inspiring texts.
  • For each child to read daily whether through shared reading, one to one or guided groups.
  • For each child to have the opportunity to hear stories read to them daily.
  • To be proud of each unique and personal response elicited through rich questioning.
  • To provide a coherent progression of key skills through both Key Stages so that children become fluent and intuitive readers who read for meaning.


We understand that reading and writing are inextricably linked, both to each other and to the wider curriculum. Purposeful writing is at the centre of our provision driven by personal experiences, cross-curricular topics and creative expression. Each child’s writing journey will be a personal reflection of their learning adventure throughout the school. Essential building blocks are embedded to ensure fluency of key skills enhance this journey.

Our aims in writing:

  • To provide a coherent progression of key skills through both Key Stages so that children become fluent and effective writers and can express themselves through written language.
  • To expose children to a variety of writing genres across the curriculum and elicit their responses in a way that is meaningful and purposeful.
  • To equip children with skills in spelling, handwriting and grammar so that they write with confidence, clarity and impact.

Spoken Language

At St Mark’s we understand that the skills of speaking and listening underpin children’s development of both reading and writing. We strive to provide a culture of high quality discussion, questioning, reasoning and vocabulary, and offer opportunities which nurture their confidence in developing these vital skills.

Our aims in Spoken Language:

  • For children to be exposed to a rich and broad vocabulary which they are keen to understand and apply.
  • To develop children’s skills of discussion to become confident and articulate when explaining their ideas and understanding.
  • To teach children to apply speaking and listening skills for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.
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