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Please send in your colour poem ideas for Harvest as per my email. I have attached the documents below for your reference and the colours each child should complete. Remember, use your senses to think of ideas for what each colour smells, tastes, looks, feels and sounds like. My example is below. Thank you so much. Mrs P :-)


William, Freya, Ambrose, Rose - Purple

Poppy, Charlie, Freddie, Phoebe - Blue

Kobie, Esmond, Luka, Emily, Lacie, Carys - Red

Mason, Jack, Sophia, Archie A, Isaac, Sebastian - Yellow

Raffi, Arrietty, Sennen, Clement, Archie T, Oakley - Green

James, Oliver, Iris, Rory, Connor, Ailla - Orange



Reading is the single most important thing you can do to support your child at home. Please ensure you are hearing your child read for at least 20 minutes every day. 

In school we use VIPERS to support reading comprehension. 

For more support with reading go to the 'Reading at Home' page on the school website... or come to see me!



We will have a spelling test on Monday and words will be sent out via Spelling Frame to practise and test at home. 

Further spelling and grammar support activities can be found below. 


Year 2    Year 3     Year 4    Answers

Year 1/2 spelling activities

Year 3/4 spelling activities


Year 2        Year 3


I will set Maths homework via MyMaths on a Friday. This will be linked to the week's learning as a consolidation activity. I may also set times table activities via other platforms or programmes. Notifications about any extra homework will come out via Marvellous Me. :-)

 Times table fluency is essential to many areas of mathematical learning and in Year 4 the children will take the Multiplication Tables Check. Here are some links to help your child practise these. 

2, 5, 10 times tables 

4 and 8 times tables

3, 6, 9 times tables

7, 11, 12 times tables 

All / mixed tables 

You can also visit Maths Frame which replicates the government test and you can adjust the test conditions to suit. 

Where My Wellies Take Me -


Please find below a choosing grid of activities you can do at home, linked to the topic. These are voluntary!

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