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Welcome to the Cocoons Home Learning Page.


Hit the button for number bonds to 100 (not tens!!)
Number bonds to 10 game
Number bonds to 20 game
Ms Harris and myself will be setting MyMaths homework on occasion. Your child should take responsibility for doing this, although I will try to send out Marvellous Me reminders!


We will be using www.spellingframe.co.uk  Every week your child will have a note of the spelling rule to practise at home in their yellow reading record books. They will play zappers throughout the week to test their application of the spelling rules learnt.  


Please continue to read as often as possible with your child and encourage them to read a variety of texts. 
Free tablet friendly ebooks  - please see me for the login details.

Topic Work

Please could you encourage your child to watch Newsround - this could be on television or online.
Spring Term 1 - Choosing homework -  Ancient Greece/Light

I have explained to the children what I expect from them on a weekly basis - we have a list of 3 non-negotiables:

Reading - All children should now have a reading book and must read at home on a regular basis.This shouldn't be a chore. Let's work together to support the children in becoming life-long lovers of reading! Any of the bingo activities they had during the holidays which are fun and quick can be continued or feel free to suggest your own - I am always looking for new ways to engage them so if something is working for you and your child....please share.

Please support your child with their personal journey on our reading challenge - for every 5 reads your child completes (adult comment in reading record book please) they will achieve a country and can travel across the continents however they choose (I think Antarctica will be the same as one country - it's bit chilly to stay there too long!!). These can be independent reads as well as your child reading to you - please ensure you make this clear in the reading record and sign to confirm this. They will receive a certificate for each continent. Thank you.

Free readers are welcome to change their books independently, at a suitable time, and are encouraged to take responsibility for this. Those children on book bands, should check with myself, Ms Harris or Mrs Stevenson, before changing their book. This helps us to assess whether they are still on the correct level by ensuring that they have read that book with them at least once at school. This also helps us to address any misconceptions that may arise from new words, graphemes or punctuation that appears in the book. These children are, of course, welcome to choose a book from the bookcase in addition to their book banded book. In fact, I would actively encourage this!!

Maths - Times tables- The children will complete a times table challenge each week to achieve certificates through bronze levels to platinum. Mrs Stevenson will be overseeing this on a Friday. There is a focus within the challenge, on fluency through the division facts (inverse relationship) as well as the multiplication facts.
Please support the children to learn their times tables at the level they are at and encourage them to challenge themselves. With these under their belt, other areas of the maths curriculum will make more sense to them!

Spellings-  We will be following www.spellingframe.co.uk. Please encourage children to practise the weekly rule and test themselves. 

Handouts from the parent workshop 18/9/18 can be found below:

Useful websites from the handouts

Spellings that pupils in Y3/4 are meant to know by the end of the year are listed here, see p11-17
Government guidance is here.

Important info on using My Maths on tablets HERE
Please make sure children have their PE kit each week. PE is on Monday and Friday afternoons.

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