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Welcome to Caterpillar Phonics

There are many brilliant books to support your child with thier phonics

while having lots of fun reading and sharing!

Your child's reading book sent home from school will contian phonics that are in line with their developing phonic knowledge. 

A Helping Hand...

This may seem obvious but many people pronounce initial sounds with an added 'uh' at the end such as 'Tuh' for the sound 'T' or 'Suh' for the sound 'Sss'. This extra 'uh' sound that adults accidentally add when sounding with children is called a 'shwa' and it doesn't help our children to make the pure sound ready for accurate blending. Please enjoy taking a look at the video below to ensure you and your child have your initial sounds down wink

Below is a video of the phase 2 and 3 sounds, the first set of sounds your child will learn in year one.

Here are some handy sites for learning at home.

Just click on the pictures below and it will take you to your chosen site 

Here are the phonic mats your child will become accustomed to using, they give an example of all of the 40 phonic sounds we will use for reading and writing / spelling. 

Phonics Screening Check

At the end of year one children take a statutory screening check. This is undertaken by their teacher in a relaxed manner, the children get to have a go at a fun challenge with colourful pictures to look at in a special book! We do not make the children feel pressured and they are not aware it is a test, they will be used to sounding and blending words daily so the activity is normal for them and nothing to worry about.


Click on this image to go to a helpful page that gives you more information about why this takes place. 

To see example test materials showing previous psudo and real words click here....

Use these songs to have fun learning tricky words.

These are words we can't sound out and have to learn by sight!




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