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Welcome to week 2 of Home Learning, St Mark's style!  We have highlighted in red the new work for Maths and English below. We will leave last week's work up until half way through the Easter holidays, so you can catch up any missing work. We have been so impressed with your work and your families' support. Well done to everybody. Any photos you are happy for us to share, let us know and we will put them on our Sharing our learning page.
Although there will be no SATs exams this year, you still need to carry on with your learning so you continue to make good progress this year and be ready for next year. Some of the web links may open better in different browsers and some may need to have Flash allowed. Remember that we are able to answer questions by email if you are stuck, just ask your parents to email us. Please use your logins, where you have been given them, to access some of the websites; this way we can see how well you are doing. We look forward to working with you all online and in the future we will all look back at this time as being quite an experience in our lives.  Click each image below to hear a special message and see if you can answer the questions on the 2nd image!


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Weekly Lesson Timetable






At least 20 minutes reading every day. If you run out of books or ideas have a look at this reading list.

Keep a reading journal and write a one paragraph summary of what you read each day.  Some great magazine articles here.

Look at the pictures of the Codex Mendoza, designed to give to the King of Spain after the Spanish conquest. Write down what the pictures tell you about this period in  Aztec history.

Active or passive sentences?

Try solving these challenges

Have a go at this quiz

Watch video: In search of gold

Write a summary of the video.

Log in to Writing Legends and practise your reading and writing.

Log in to spelling frame each week for the latest challenges.

If you find some of the Maths work too hard, don't worry, try one of the other activities.

Work through week 2 video. Pause the video and try and work out the answers

Play every day Times tables rockstars and Numbots

Each week do a Maths SATs paper,  then see how many you got right. Start with 2015 and work backwards.

Do a lesson a day from this link. Watch the video, do the task and then check your answer.


At least 20 minutes reading every day. If you run out of books or ideas have a look at this reading list.

Keep a reading journal and write a one paragraph summary of what you read each day.

Read about the Spanish conquest

Write about the conquest in your own words.

Read about ​Cortes’ landing and the 8 omens, then describe what is happening in the picture.


Log in to Prodigy and play the maths games.

Have a look at this problem and add what you think the answer is by clicking this padlet page. Add your initials and once I have moderated your answer it will appear on the page.

Try and solve the second three problems

Try these two ratio challenges


At least 20 minutes reading every day. If you run out of books or ideas have a look at this reading list.

Keep a reading journal and write a one paragraph summary of what you read each day.

Watch this video on persuasive writing and add your own rhetorical questions to this padlet page.

Research both the Spanish and Aztec Empires and decide why the two Empires were on a collision course. What did the Aztecs have that the Spanish wanted? And how were the tiny Spanish force able to destroy the mighty Aztec Empire? What happened to both men after this meeting? And when were the Spanish finally forced out of what had been the Aztec Empire?

Try and solve the second three problems (This is only if you want a real challenge!)

Try these fab maths activities.

Try the activities on imperial and metric measurements


At least 20 minutes reading every day. If you run out of books or ideas have a look at this reading list.

Keep a reading journal and write a one paragraph summary of what you read each day.

Read extracts from The Sad Night. Describe what you think the pictures show. Draw your own pictures based on the text.

Write a paragraph explaining why you think the Maya survived the conquest, even though their civilisation disappeared.

If you don't know your Times tables, try this challenge for 5 minutes everyday

Try the My Maths challenges for the week and finish all outstanding Homework tasks under the Homework tab.


At least 20 minutes reading every day. If you run out of books or ideas have a look at this reading list.

Keep a reading journal and write a one paragraph summary of what you read each day.

Finish off any work from the rest of the week.

See how well you can do in this week's Sumdog challenges. You have to do a diagnostic test first to set the right level for you.

Try these Mayan maths games

Topic Activity Grid

Please choose one activity from the topic grid a day.    

Magical Myans










We’ve looked at Mayan masks. Can you find an example of another medium the Mayans used? How many can you find? What was the purpose of Mayan art?

Research Mayan art. What did the Mayans like to include in their art? Why? We spoke about the importance of animals but what else?



Research the importance of the sun

The colours in artwork (why?)

Maths within art

Google Images: Mayan art animals. Lots of examples will show of different animals drawn in the style of the Maya. Can you have a go at drawing at least two animals in this style?

Extension: Can you create your own creature in the Mayan style?

Choose some Mayan art. Create a page in your book with some examples of art you like and tell me why. You can sketch, paint, print and stick or use any other media you can think of!

Use RESOURCE ONE to inspire some of you own Mayan art. The Mayans included many animals in their artwork which we found out about when designing masks. Can you create a piece of art in the style of the Mayans but include things important to you?

Imagine you’re an art critic. What do you think about your artwork? Are you proud? Why? Does it show what’s important to you as a person? Is there anything you’d change?


Then get at least one other ‘critic’ to make some comments on your work and record it in your book.



Research the properties of materials and complete the grid in the resources section. You can either print and complete or copy it into your book.

 Choose three different materials. Research them. What makes them good at their jobs? Think about the properties you researched last time. Draw a picture and make some notes on each one.

How many different materials can you find in your house? Can you sort them?


Challenge: How many different ways can you sort them?


Super challenge: Can you create a Venn diagram?


Super duper challenge: Can you email us a photo of your most interesting diagram? Marvellous mes for my favourite(s)!

Materials are all around us. In school, we made some solutions out of two materials. Can you make one or two at home? Try mixing two solids and one solid with a liquid. Make sure you check what you’re using with your Mum/Dad! Some suggestions of materials:





Washing up liquid



Pasta (you only need a tiny amount!!)



Once you’ve made your mixtures. Note down your observations. Then tell me if you think you can get them back to the two materials you began with. Try it! Create an observation page in your book.


Plan and conduct a Science experiment based around materials.


Remember to follow this structure:


1. What question are you trying to answer?

2. What do you think will happen?

3. What will you need?

4. How will you do it?

5. Do it!

6. What did you find out (you might draw diagrams, write explanations, create graphs etc)

Draw a small picture of yourself as a Scientist (use your imagination!)  in the middle of a fresh page (you could print a photo if you can.) Surround your images with some thought bubbles and fill them will what you know and have discovered about materials.

Geography/ History




Watch this video and continue to research the Lacandon Jungle in Mexico.

Write a diary imagining you are a Mayan child. What would your standard day look like?


Remember some of the key features of diary writing:

- Past tense

- 1st Person

- Describe your thoughts and feelings

- Written informally

- Organise events into paragraphs

- Use time conjuctions

 Find out about the climate in the Lacandon Jungle. Why would it have been a good location for the Maya to settle?

Map work.


On a map of the world, circle South American and Europe.


On a map of Europe: Circle the UK


On a map of South America: Circle mexico


On a Map of the UK

On a double page spread in your book.


On the first page write the title ‘Hadlow Down’ (Or where you live) on the second page ‘ Lacandon Jungle


On each page, fill the page with a drawing of each locations. Colour and make something you’re proud of! Use a pen/ fine liner and on each page explain some of the features of each location. What’s the weather like? What animals live there? How do humans live there?

Create a similarities and differences grid.













Use your previous work to explain what’s the same and what’s different between the two locations.




Read the Bible passage in resources. Take some quiet time to think about how Jesus and witnesses would have felt on the day of the crucifixion and the contrast in feelings to the day of the resurrection. .

In school we spoke about who had a part to play in Jesus’ death. Jesus died for our sins. We can now ask for forgiveness of our sins. Do you recognise the line in the Lord’s prayer. Think about some things you have done of which you are not proud. How do you feel when you ask God for forgiveness?

Design an Easter garden. Before you start, refresh yourself on what you already know about them. Pay particular attention to the symbolism and try to include these in your gardens.

Create an Easter garden including the symbolism we’ve looked at.

Write a prayer to reflect on your work on the resurrection.





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