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Week 1: This term, with Mr Gunn, we are learning all about robots. Have a look at this page to find out some interesting facts. In science we learnt about how muscles work and made a bionic hand. In Spanish we sang the colours and numbers song and learnt how to say what tourist places we would like to visit. In maths we explored how to use a calculator, as well as see what is inside it. We spent one afternoon developing our forest skills in SMILE meadow.

Week 2: This week in computing, we did some programming using Rapid Router; what level can you reach? We also found out if an AI system could recognise our drawings. In science we made a moving arm with magnets at the end to pick up objects. In English we wrote a report on how robots are used and could be used in our society. In Spanish we learnt how to ask for directions to places and found out about some famous festivals and events. In maths we did some more calculator challenges.

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River adventures

We hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter break. This term we are going to explore the fascinating and beautiful world of rivers, both above and below ground! An overview of the topic for term 5 is here . We will be using Google Classroom for some of our lessons.

Week 1: We are going to learn some Spanish during the summer terms. In computing we will look at databases, try sorting and searching this one on countries of the world. In maths we are looking at ratio and proportion. In English we will read about some amazing rivers flowing underground. In science we are going into space and making an orrery!

Week 2: We learnt to say the numbers in Spanish, as well as some greetings and questions. In maths we tried some ratio problems. In English we read about a canoe trip down the Yukon river in Alaska and wrote our own account of an imaginary journey. In science we made a model of the earth, sun and moon as an orrery, designed our own space suit and played this energy game. We practised our typing skills by using a variety of sites including this one for iPads. In computing we created our own rivers database using MS Access and Google Sheets.


Week 3: In English we wrote a poem about rivers using personification. In Spanish we talked about our hobbies. In science we looked at the movement of the moon around the earth and in PE we developed our throwing and catching skills in rounders.

Week 4: In English we wrote a guide to a hike along a levada. In Spanish we learnt the names of Spanish-speaking countries. In science we found out how many jobs are related to science and designed a robotic insect that could be used on Mars. We improved our knowledge of ratio using Thinking Blocks.

Week 5: In Spanish we learnt what ingredients make a paella and how to say what fruit we liked. In English we wrote a letter complaining about pollution in rivers, as well as finding out about rivers in the world.




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