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Term 1:

This term we will explore inventions and great discoveries from the dawn of humanity to the present day and beyond, so get your detective clothes on!  At the end of the project you will create a futuristic, virtual 3D world. Pupils will do research and create information posters as part of their home learning. 



Weeks 1/2:  We created our own timeline of inventions and discoveries using this website. In English we learnt about persuasive language and wrote a speech to be elected to the school council. We also wrote a story about a Stone Age child, after reading the introduction to Dar and the spear-thrower. In science we explored the idea of light travelling in straight lines. In maths we started learning about algebra and how letters can be used to represent numbers. We also learnt the Roman numerals. In RE we learnt about how we can be ‘good soil’ so that the seed of God’s word, grows. In art we created a self-portrait and in music we watched a group of musicians playing a range of instruments.


Week 3: We explored the story of Stonehenge, including how and why it was built. In history we created a poster giving information about one invention or discovery and after learning about appropriate online behaviour we did some research and put the results onto this collaborative spreadsheet. In maths we expressed missing number problems algebraically and have started a new online maths game: Prodigy. In German we counted to 100 and talked about ourselves.

Week 4: We are looking at some of the Roman inventions created and modelled building a bridge online and with straws! We developed a spiritual class blog on our value of Koinonia. In English we used subordinate clauses to write about the Romans. In maths we built equations using this tool. We also solved some algebra puzzles. Have a look at some of our brilliant homework on Inventions below.

 Week 5: This week we read about Beowulf, an Anglo Saxon story and learnt about the burial mound at Sutton Hoo. We read the poem Roots, then wrote our own poem about Sutton Hoo. We designed and recreated our own Sutton Hoo using two different software programs. In maths we learnt more about algebra, try these games. In German we can say the days of the week and the names of school subjects.

Weeks 6/7: We found out about the Vikings, wrote a play script and imagined what life would have been like at that time.  In computing we programmed a Viking game in Scratch. In maths we used a protractor to measure angles within shapes. 

This week we found out about the Bayeux tapestry, the Battle of Hastings and the things the Normans introduced to England. In German we learnt how to say objects around the class, as well as how to say when our birthday is.

Week 8: This week we explored more 2D shapes, including interior angles and lines of symmetry. We looked at the legacy that the Normans left our country. We created an Eye Spy guide to Norman castles and in German we listened to a German pop song and had to work out the missing words.

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