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World War One - The Great War

Welcome back to school Red Ads. We have missed you. We hope you had a lovely summer. During the autumn terms we will be exploring The Great War and we know you are going to learn lots of fascinating information. Click here for an overview of Term 1.

Week 1: We will look at some iconic images from WW1 and imagine how people must have felt. In maths we will recap basic arithmetic and problem solving strategies. In science we explore forces. Try these simulations on: motion, projectiles,  mass and skydiving. We carried out some practical experiments, including rocket mice. Please complete this experiment at home and record your results in a table similar to the one below.






Try and improve your typing skills here by using all your fingers.

Week 2: In science we used Newtonmeters to measure forces and built paper pontoons to withstand as much weight as possible. In computing we found out more about search engines and designed a splash screen image for the app we are going to create. In English we read and heard about zeppelin raids over England in WW1 and designed our own newspaper report. In maths we solved a range of problems including those based on Time. In German we learnt the numbers to 20 and can now describe ourselves.

Week 3: In maths we continued to solve word problems and tried to beat the computer in this game; after 8 attempts we still haven't beaten the computer! In English we learnt about different types of poems and wrote a poem about zeppelins. In computing we learnt about copyright and found some copyright free images that we uploaded onto our WW1 app, using the software Appshed. We carried out an experiment with Newtonmeters to see which material was the strongest. We also tried a rocket simulation to find out which angle would make the rocket travel the furthest.

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