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Term 3:
This term we will explore the ancient world of the Maya and Aztecs.  See document above for this term's overview.
Week 1: We found out where the Maya lived and live and about the Maya creation story and other legends.  We learnt about time zones, planned a train journey in England and a flight to Mexico using timetables, created a Maya temple in Google Sketch Up and learnt a few things about Spanish culture and language.  We also drew a map showing the Ring of Fire, the rivers and mountains of Mexico. We found out the temperatures in different cities around the world and produced a bar graph to illustrate this.

Weeks 2/3: We found out the Mayans used base 20 in their numbering system and we compared this with base 2 binary, which computers use. In maths we looked at co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants and parked a car. In geography we explored maps, grid references and symbols and compass points. We made a walking track through the rainforest.

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