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Great discoveries and inventions

This term we will explore inventions and great discoveries from the dawn of humanity to the present day and beyond, so get your detective clothes on!  At the end of the project you will create a futuristic, virtual 3D world. Pupils will do research and create information posters as part of their home learning. 

An overview of the topic can be found here.


Weeks 1/2:   In English we wrote a story about a Stone Age child, after reading the introduction to Dar and the spear-thrower. In science we explored the idea of light travelling in straight lines. In maths we started learning about algebra and how letters can be used to represent numbers. In German we learnt about the culture of the country and how to say some basic facts about ourselves. In hockey we learnt how to dribble without losing the ball! In computing we explored how search engines work and used them to compile a list of great discoveries or inventions. 

Week 3: In English we found out about some of the inventions the Romans made. In Maths we solved some challenging algebra problems. In German we counted to 100 and found out where some of the main cities are. In science we learnt about fibre optic cables and how light travels. In computing we created our own timeline, based on this example, using MS Word on the laptops or this website on the iPads.

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