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Term 3:
This term we will explore the ancient world of the Maya and Aztecs.  See document above for this term's overview.
Week 1: We found out where the Maya lived and live and about the Maya creation story and other legends.  We learnt about time zones, planned a train journey in England and a flight to Mexico using timetables, created a Maya temple in Google Sketch Up and learnt a few things about Spanish culture and language.  We also drew a map showing the Ring of Fire, the rivers and mountains of Mexico. We found out the temperatures in different cities around the world and produced a bar graph to illustrate this.

Weeks 2/3: We found out the Mayans used base 20 in their numbering system and we compared this with base 2 binary, which computers use. In maths we looked at co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants and parked a car. In geography we explored maps, grid references and symbols and compass points. We made a walking track through the rainforest.

Week 4: This week we wrote a play about a day in the life of a Maya family, after doing some research about their way of life. In maths we learnt how to translate and reflect shapes across all 4 quadrants. Try this pop the balloons game to practise co-ordinates. In computing we started to create a webpage on the Maya, using html code. In Spanish we practised giving commands and played Simon dice! In geography we played the latitude and longitude game and used a grid reference tool to find the exact position in the world of a range of cities.

TN22+ Club

Last week, Red Admirals went to visit the TN22+ Club as part of their class charity work. The TN22+ club provides people with dementia a fortnightly gathering including lunch, entertainment and social time. The children knew which member of the club they were going to visit. After they sang to the club, they then went to find their member. They shared work, spoke about some of their favourite things and encouraged the members to talk about some of theirs. The organisers of the TN22+ club and Mrs McCaren/ Mrs Stow were blown away by the kindness, maturity and engagement from the children. Many children also gave their member a card or piece of art work. They sat around tables chatting away while eating cake. It was a fabulous sight! We're planning our next visit and will keep in touch with the members by sending letters and Birthday cards etc. Here was a poem written by one of the organisers:




Thank you, children of St Marks

In a singing competition you would get Top Marks!

All your voices are heaven sent

Definitely candidates for Britain’s Got Talent!

 You have put on a great show

Thank you also Mrs McCaren and Mrs Stow

You have really entertained us, I am sure we all agree

And your children may have missed Maths or maybe P E

 So, again, a Big Thanks for this afternoon

Please come back and see us very soon.

Week 5: This week we developed our Mayan/Aztec web pages to include hyperlinks, images and colourful fonts and backgrounds! In geography we discovered how explosive volcanoes can be! We learnt where the Aztecs came from and wrote about the chinampas (fields). In maths we looked at different types of graphs, then carried out surveys and plotted the results onto bar charts.

 Week 6: We learnt more about volcanoes and about earthquakes and carried out seismograph experiments! In computing we finished our Mayan/Aztec webpage. In spanish we can say parts of the body. In maths we created pie charts and in English we wrote about the Aztec cities.

Term 4:
This term we will continue to explore the ancient world of the Maya and Aztecs.  See document above for this term's overview.
Week 1: We learnt about chocolate and coffee in Mayan culture. In Maths we interpreted and constructed pie charts using a spreadsheet. Try creating graphs using this site. In Spanish we played Simon dice learning the parts of the body. We researched the physical and human geography of Mexico and compared it with the UK and created a digital presentation using iPads and laptops. In English we created a radio advert for chocolate. 
Week 2: We are learning about ratio, see if you can make some ratios using this software. In geography we learnt more about Mexico and in computing we created volcano animations. In English we wrote a Mayan story.


Week 3: This week we continued to look at ratio. Have a go at some easy or hard ratio problems or equivalent ratio problems. Y1 basic maths. In English we wrote up our favourite science experiment from last week's science visit, images below. Thank you to the parents and visitors who came in to talk to us, we really appreciated it. We also found out about two great women naturalist / painters: Marianne North and Maria Merian. In Spanish we learnt to tell the time and parts of the body. In computing we started to design and create our very own apps using appshed.

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