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A Mastery Approach + Resilience (x our wings to fly) = Mathematicians who can.

At St Mark’s, we believe Maths is a beautiful subject with its own unique place in our school’s curriculum which provides pupils with powerful ways to describe, analyse and change the world. Pupils experience a sense of awe and wonder as they solve a problem for the first time, discover a more elegant solution and make links between different areas of mathematics.

Our aims in mathematics are:

  • To set challenging targets
  • To have high expectations for all pupils.       
  • To offer a variety of approaches to teaching and learning to engage and motivate pupils and demand their active participation.
  • To smooth the transition for pupils between Key Stages
  • To ensure progression in teaching and learning throughout their time at school.                                                
  • To explore enrichment opportunities outside the curriculum to enhance pupils’ enjoyment of mathematics.


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