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Talkspace is an early intervention service offered to support parents and children through difficult and challenging situations.

Judith - Talkspace Coordinator

I have been successfully running the Talkspace service since 2014 in seven different schools, but am now only offering the service at St Mark’s.



  • What is Talkspace?

    ‘Talkspace’ is run by Judith Clark, a trained teacher and social worker who worked previously for the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service.  Talkspace provides support for children in a range of areas including behaviour, bereavement, parental separation, anxiety. 

  • What is Judith's career background?

    Career history:

    • 2yrs in residential care home homes and assessment units
    • 13 yrs as a primary class teacher
    • 1yr running a preschool education unit for hospital staff
    • 2yrs as a special needs assistant in secondary school, 1yr in primary
    • 5yrs family support worker/social work assistant
    • (Including 2yrs LAC team)
    • 4yrs COPES outreach worker
    • I have been successfully running the Talkspace service since 2014 in seven different schools, but am now only offering the service at St Mark’s 


    • Certificate in Education
    • Open University –social science foundation course and special needs in education
    • NVQ level 3 in health and social care

    Additional relevant training:

    • Parenting and mental illness
    • Working with parents
    • Working with relationship breakdown
    • The Incredible Years
    • STOP
    • Managing transitions for children
    • Protective behaviours
    • Attachment
    • Lying and stealing
    • CBT – an introduction   
    • Art and play therapy
    • Bereavement
    • Understanding autism
    • Advanced safeguarding

  • Who attends Talkspace? How can my child attend?

    Most referrals are made through school. In this instance, school staff may have noticed a change in the child’s behaviour and /or that the child is appearing unhappy or anxious and unable to focus on their work. Sometimes a child may appear content at school but their parent has noticed that they are not happy and are exhibiting a change in behaviour at home. Parents may speak to school staff about this or to Talkspace directly. With school agreement they are then offered the Talkspace service.  Children are also encouraged to ask to speak to the Talkspace if they become aware that they themselves have a problem

  • How can Talkspace help my child/me?

    Catching a problem early can prevent it from growing bigger and becoming entrenched. If a child is anxious or unhappy this can ‘take over’ their thoughts and prevent them from achieving their full potential academically and socially.

    Many families have times in their lives when life becomes challenging. Talkspace aims to offer space to talk about these things –to share the load and feel someone is listening. Support is offered on a one to one regular basis with the child and/or their parents.

  • What type of support is given at Talkspace?

    Areas: Bereavement, anger, anxiety, friendship issues and social skills, self-esteem, parental separation, challenging behaviour.

    Children are given the opportunity to talk about their feelings and know that they are being listened to and taken seriously. When feelings are negative the children are offered strategies, which might help them to both understand and manage them. When relevant, children are encouraged to consider the impact of their own behaviour and are given suggestions to modify it as necessary.  Parents are given advice on how to support their child and given strategies which can assist them if behaviour has become challenging.  

  • Are the sessions confidential?

    The work is confidential, but children are encouraged to share this with their family to aid understanding. (Children may choose to take their work home when the sessions are concluded.) Whenever appropriate, and with consent, school staff are also kept up to date with the work being done.

  • When does Talkspace happen?


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