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World Book Day 2021 - Thursday 4th March

World Book Day looks a little different this year. At St Mark's we would like you to take this opportunity to relax and get cosy with a book. It is officially a PJ day. Snuggle in your favourite cosy spot to enjoy a book and listen to stories read by our staff, parents and children. 

Click on the pink picture below to hear stories read by staff, parents and children of St Mark's.

Please try this on a computer/laptop rather than a mobile device as restrictions prevent me from sharing on these devices. Many apologies.  

Thank you so much to all those who contributed to our St Mark's video-story library. :-)

Here is the David Walliams assembly link if anyone missed it and wanted to watch it. Thank you so much to Ms Bellhouse for sharing the link with me. 

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Share a Story

World Book Day 2021 at St Mark's is all about  sharing stories in a relaxed way. Our staff have been invited to record themselves reading a story so you can choose to listen at your leisure! We would also love to hear you share your favourite stories. Send us your audios or videos so we can share them with the whole school.

Click the 'Share a Story Corner' picture to see videos to share with your child. Enjoy dramatic online readings of classic tales with Unicorn Theatre, a great share by Mrs Lynch.

Click the pink picture to visit the St Mark's special story sharing folder.

Click the 'Live' picture to visit the Word Book Day website live events. 

Click the picture to the left to watch a YouTube video from some famous authors. Spoiler alert...! Cressida Cowell is first!!! Amazing to hear from her!

Reading Recommendations

The best way to find a new book is through a recommendation. So what are you waiting for! Check out the recommendations from #WorldBookDay. 

There is also a Padlet set up for the children at St Marks to share their favourite books with each other. Add your virtual post-it note to our special board.

Finally, check out these 'Branching Out' Reading Trees from Books for Topics. If you like a particular author or book it shows what you might like to move onto next. 

2021 reading recommendationsbranching out ks1-2
2021 1 books

£1 Books

Try before you buy! Take a sneak peek inside the £1 books available with your online voucher. Click the picture opposite to be taken to the World Book Day website to start choosing. 

Here is the £1 voucher for your free book. 

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