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Spreading cheer and hope

Here you'll find a variety of things to keep us all smiling! 


Class charity - TN22+ Club

We're still very much in contact with the TN22+ club and their members. The club are working hard to stay in contact with everyone at a very difficult time. It can be a bit daunting for the members who are mostly in the vunerable category. Red Admirals have been asked to spread some cheer to their associated member. Check back here for updates. 

    Dear Mrs McCaren,
    As one of the volunteer helpers at the TN22+ club, it was very touching to
    receive from Wendy a copy of your email attaching enchanting works and
    messages from the children amongst those, who entertained all the members so
    self-assuredly a little while ago and were due to do so again. Let's hope
    that it will not be too long before we see them all again. They are a credit
    to you and to St Marks.
    As a thank you, I attach the lyrics to a ballet dream sequence that I wrote
    for children, which you might like to read to the children.
    With best wishes,


A Child’s Dream.


Wandering on the seashore of your mind,

Filled with wonder at the treasures you may find,

Golden coins in the sand

From some far and distant land.


Thistledown is drifting on the breeze,

Dancing, prancing, all the leaves a’tease

Sharing dreams with every cloud

Joys of Heaven called out loud,


Of dragons have no fear tonight,

Elves and fairies see you’re guarded right,

Your favourite toys all seem to smile so free

And, laughing, jump from every tree,

Yes they do.

Whilst you go running through the woods so bright.

You’re all surrounded by a wondrous light

Yes, all surrounded by a wondrous light,

A truly wondrous light,

A truly wondrous light,

The magic woods so bright,

Oh Yes, they are.

(Repeat above 4 lines).


And coming to the distant sea once more,

The waves they flow, caress and love the shore,

Residing peace steals over you so deep,

And now to sleep.


Some jokes

What’s a cats favourite colour?  Puurrrrrrple!

Where do fish keep their money?  In a riverbank!


At the bank a lady asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.


Knock knock

Who's there? 


Europe who 





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