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 Term 1:

This term we will learn all about the 'Great War', why it started, who was involved, how it was fought, where the battles took place and much more.

Week 1/2: We started reading Private Peaceful, analysed a film clip about the war, learnt about copyright, designed a splash screen for the app we are going to create this term and learnt about Germany, as well as saying some basic expressions in German. In Maths we practised decimals. We also improved our touch typing skills. In English we gave our presentations prepared over the holidays on a range of subjects such as humanism, Lego, Disneyland and paddle-boarding.

poppy splash screen
splash screen

Week 3: See how good your general knowledge is and check out this ever-changing website. In Maths we worked out decimals on number lines, compared and calculated decimals. In German we created a fact sheet. In History we designed a zeppelin and in English we started to draft a poem about zeppelins. This week some of us shared our talks on subjects such as veganism, paragliding, Kew gardens and jousting.


Week 4: We brought in our zeppelin models to show the class and they are now dotted around our room and hanging from the sky! In English we read and watched some zeppelin poems, which helped us write our own. In Maths we explored tenths, hundredths and thousandths. In computing we started to create our app, adding titles, text and images, using copyright free pictures. In history we found out what weapons and technology was used in WW1. Explore this site for new technology and weapons used.


Week 5: In German we learnt how to say the names of European countries, their capital cities, which countries we had been to and which ones we wanted to visit. Test your skills here! In English we learnt what it was like to sign up for the war and how the young people must have felt. In Maths we explored the concept of thousandths. See if you can make a cube with different thousandths. Our basketball skills are improving, with better passing, dribbling and shooting. In history we learnt about the alliances which were formed before the start of WW1.


Week 6: We learnt how to talk about the weather in German. We explored word matrices and spellings in English. We practised multiplying decimals in Maths. We looked out how the British Empire countries helped us win the war. We spent a little more time developing our apps. Then on Tuesday we had our visit to the Imperial War Museum, which was great! See below for some of the pictures.

ww1 empires
ww1 guns
ww1 shipss
ww1 tanks

Week 7: We found out about children's lives during WW1.
Don't forget to log in to your Skoolbo account and play some of the games.

Term 2:

Week 1: We found out about what life in the trenches was like by reading the memories of Harry Patch and started to think of ideas for a play script. We are getting ready for the Big Sing and you can find the lyrics and songs here. Our class sings beautifully. In Maths we practised multi-step word problems based on decimals. In Computing we learnt how to use email safely and how email works.


Week 2: We are taking part in the national computing challenge this week, you can practice here. In English we completed our trenches play scripts.  In German we learnt how to order drinks and food in a café and listened to real German café conversations. In Maths we tried to guess the correct decimal (Flash needed) by using the efficient divide and conquer method of eliminating half the options each time. We sang the 7 times tables rap song and practised x10, x100, /10 and /100 using this frame. Have a go.

Week 3: On Monday we were lucky enough to work with an actor from the Konflux Theatre company on a play called All the King's Men.  At the end of the day we performed the play we had learnt to parents and the other classes in the school. Everybody was so proud of our class and what we achieved.

sign up
on parade
home front
the trenches
xmas truce

We brought in our drawings and models of WW1 trenches which are now on display in the school reception area. In German we learnt how to say the names of places in town. In English we read about WW1 (simpler version) and wrote a summary.


Week 4: In computing we learnt how the Internet works, worked out what was fake and what was true and also the difference between fact and opinion. In German we learnt how to ask for directions to places in town and practised some basic phrases. In English we wrote a summary of WW1, in history we examined propaganda posters and created our own (see below). On Wednesday we spent a day in the trenches to appreciate what it must have been like for the soldiers.


Week 5: In German we learnt how to say some hobbies and write simple sentences using different parts of the verb. Here is an example of how to conjugate trinkenIn English we watched archive footage of the Battle of the Somme and wrote an account of it. We also practised using exclamation marks. In computing we programmedthe BBC micro:bit. In maths we worked out percentages problems. We also completed a survey about online safety.

Week 6: In English we learnt about alliteration, exclamation marks, started to created a WW1 newspaper and wrote down some famous WW1 poems. In Maths we explored percentages and tried out some fun activities. We learnt the colours in German and wrote some of our own sentences too, with the help of dictionaries and Google Translate! In Music we played a range of instruments. What a great orchestra we are!


Week 7: We started to create our own newspapers about the Great War using MS Publisher. We created games with the BBC micro:bit and used the temperature sensor to find out the hottest and coldest places in the school. In German we talked about which colours different objects had. We had our Christingle service. In Maths we practised solving percentage problems.

lucia map

Week 8: We learnt how to say the parts of the body and Christmas words in German, as well as sing Stille Nacht and make German Christmas cards for our families. In Maths we solved a puzzle with the 9 times table and made snowflakes based on this video. Listen carefully! We learnt more about the Christmas truce and made up a class quiz on our topic. In Computing we created a space invaders game for the micro:bit. We watched the Egglets and Caterpillars Nativity play and had our class Christmas party.


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