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Moorish mysteries

Term 6

Weeks 1/3:  We explored a range of writers' maps to give us some ideas for creating our own Moorish story. We started exploring the regions of California, Andalusia and Sussex. In Maths we learnt how to measure using imperial and metric measurements. Try this convertor.   In Spanish we practised how to order food in a restaurant!

Weeks 4/5: In Maths we explored measures and used My Maths to reinforce our understanding. In English we wrote an epic tale about the Moors; we loved writing our very own stories. In computing we found out how to stay safe using email and social media and also how to program Excel to insert messages, depending on if the right PIN is entered. We also wrote some programs using FUZE. We prepared for the Uckfield Grand Prix by building our go cart and racing in it to see who is the fastest.

Weeks 6/8: In English we wrote a radio commentary about a tour around Spain. We learnt more about conjunctions with this hard game! In maths we discovered the difference between different types of averages: mean, median and mode. In Spanish we learnt how to talk about the weather

Andalucia homework

Term 5

Weeks 1-5: We looked at a range of historical sources to see how the past is constructed, listening to Moorish music, viewing Moorish buildings and art.  In English we drafted a poem about visiting an Arabic marketplace. In pairs we asked each other questions in Spanish and in computing we learnt about the importance of robotics and programming in our world. We programmed the Blockly bird, Code playground and Ozoblockly. In DT we started to design our own product and in science we explored more about geneticsevolution and inheritance. We found out  how different living things are reproduced.

In Spanish we learnt how to say which places we liked visiting on holiday and translated the Easter story from Spanish to English. We explored the market in Marrakech and finished our poem about the Arabic marketplace. We used minicubes to measure volume. We did a range of athletics event for PE. In computing we programmed a self-driving car and tried to get a lunar module to land directed a robot spaceship and the micro:bit. In science we explored Darwin's theory of Natural selection, watch the video here.  In DT we started to make the product which we designed.


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