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Ancient Egyptians

This term we will learn all about the ancient Egyptians; why they were important; who were the pharaohs; what part the river Nile played; temples; mummification; pyramids and much more.


Weeks 1/2:
We stepped back in time 5,000 years ago to start our research into the ancient Egyptians by unearthing artefacts in the playground and trying to work out their purpose. We completed a timeline of the earliest civilisations. Visit the British museum to find out about ancient Egypt. In maths we started to interpret graphs. Try this graphing site to make your own bar graphs. In computing we created an Egyptian chatbot. In French we learnt how many English words have their origin in French.

Week 3:
In French we learnt to say the time and talk about our daily routines. We also played Quelle heure est-il Monsieur Loup? In maths we learnt more about different types of graphs, including distance-time graphs (see these activities.) In geography we found out why the river Nile was so important and drew a map of Egypt (try using Scribble. to create a map). In English we read an extract from Howard Carter's diary, he discovered Tutankhamun, then wrote a diary of a trainee priest. In Computing we created a database of the ancient gods and goddesses.


Week 4: In Computing we finished our Egyptians gods database and included: images, drawings and hyperlinks. In French we practised a role play at the bakers. In English we learnt about pathetic fallacy and wrote a persuasive letter to be a district governor. In maths we used negative numbers. We found out about the architectural achievements of ancient Egypt.


Week 4: In Computing we searched and sorted a database, learnt how our online data is collected and used by global companies and as part of Safer Internet week we looked at how we can keep ourselves safe. The class loved this song!  We researched about the gods and goddesses, made some Top trump cards and started to write a play script. In maths we did a quiz on negative numbers.  In French we learnt how to conjugate regular ER verbs.

Week 5: We are learning about mummification and we practised some mummification online. We went on a tomb adventure.  In computing we recreated an Ancient Egyptian landscape complete with pyramids, desert, vegetation and various other objects!  In French we listened to a conversation in a train station then pretended to buy tickets in French. In Maths we learnt the Roman numerals and revised negative numbers. In English we practised using adverbs and wrote a play about life in Ancient Egypt.

Kodu world
Kodu world2

Term 4:

Week 1: We are learning about deserts around the world, especially the Sahara. In Computing we learnt about networks and the use of Firewalls.  In Maths we found out about ratio. Try these two examples. In English we wrote a poem about the desert. We learnt which countries around the world speak French and read about Napoleon's expedition to Egypt. In Science we started to explore evolution and went outside to draw our timelines and in Design Technology we examined and drew different types of mechanisms


Week 2: This week we continued learning about ratio. Try this game!  In geography we watched a film about the Sonoran desert and played a game about ecosystems called Feed the Dingo. In French we found out about different festivals celebrated. In science we looked at evolution and the life of Charles Darwin.  We created presentations about deserts using whichever software we wanted; a webpage and slides are below. In English we wrote an account of a pharaoh's coronation. In Design and Technology we made some cut-out paper desert animals.

deserts slides
deserts webpage

Week 3: It is science week and we explored the universe from inside an inflatable planetarium. Try some of the science experiments on our Home Learning page. In French we learnt how to say commands. We practised symmetry in 2D shapes. In English we completed our account of the coronation of a pharaoh and learnt about Tutanhamun. We explored binary in computing, as well as how images on screen are represented by pixels. In science we performed a virtual dissection of a flower.


Week 4: We wrote a newspaper front page about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. In geography we carried out more research on desert biomes and drew a desert biome in Paint. In computing we looked at image types and binary. We made a snapping crocodile using linkages in DT. In French we practised saying what hobbies we liked doing and in Maths we explored reflections.


Week 5: In French we learnt how to ask for different flavoured ice-creams.  In maths we practised area and perimeter. We read about the many inventions created by the ancient Egyptians. In computing we learnt about algorithms and met the challenges set on the Online Logo website. We explored and virtually dissected a flower and learnt about pollination. In DT we made a cam mechanism.


Week 6: This week we practised our Easter Service in the church. In computing we explored problem solving and algorithms.  In maths we looked at surface area and volume. In English we learnt about hyphens and dashes. In geography we completed our desert presentations. In French we listened to youngsters talking about their hobbies.  In DT we created objects using hinges and other linkages.

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