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Transition 2020


Transition afternoons will look a little different this year as you cannot come into the Cocoon classroom. We would normally have three afternoons together but instead I have to make do with sending you some virtual challenges. 

29th June 2020

Challenge 1 - Year 2s only


Challenge 2 - Year 2s and 3s


Don't forget to share your lovely work with me at



...and have fun and be happy.

Mrs Pridmore  :-) 

Colour in your Lego figure. You can design this to look like you or just however you like! Don't forget to put your name on the chest.


Take a look at the book Happy by clicking on the picture opposite. Then have a go at the tasks below


6th July 2020

Challenge 1

2 -1

Click on the picture above to get the welly templates. 

Challenge 2

Get your maths hats on because the next challenge is a mystery maths game. Click here Year 2s and click here Year 3s to solve the puzzles.  


Challenge 3

I have created a quiz for you to play to find out a bit more about me and get to know me. I would love it if you could make me a quiz about you and send it to me to play and find out about you. You could use Kahoot, like I did, or write one and send me a photo!

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